So I just finished “King of Dublin” by Lisa Henry and Heidi Belleau . . .

And while I admittedly skimmed about 60% of the book because I felt so stinkin’ bored with all the rape and torture, the last 30% was actually really good? I’m not used to a dramatic turnaround in the last quarter of a novel, at least not in a good sense, so heyyyy. Good stuff I guess.

But I’m not thinking I’m going to write a review for this one because I did skim so much of it. My grasp on the story is strong and all, but I just, I dunno. Wasn’t invested enough in it to read it like I have to for a review.

That being said, not the worst Lisa Henry book I’ve read (that goes to her other collaboration with Heidi Belleau, “Bliss”, which I’ll post my review of soon), but definitely not the best by a long shot. So 3/5 stars. Might try to re-read it in the future and see if my attention span lets me reread it the way I need to for reviewing.


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